Equipments and Facilities

Equipments and Facilities

           The Department of Cardiology offers patients with a wide range of coronary and non-coronary cardiac ailments. The patients presenting to the Out Patient Department are evaluated clinically along with basic  investigations. Those requiring admissions urgently are hospitalized immediately depending on the availability of in-patient beds.


Cath Lab

  • Philips Allura Xper Flat Panel Detector 10
  • 184 micro pixel for higher resolution and superb image quality
  • Ceiling mounted C-arm
  • Xtravision hardware with Stentboost
  • XIMS hemodynamic System
  • DSA limited frame rate
  • Low dose Fluoroscopy


Diagnostic cardiac catheterization and angiography- where various diagnostic and interventional cardiac catheterizations are undertaken.

Percutaneous coronary interventions - both emergent and elective, including advanced interventions.


       Echocardiography including advanced echocardiographic methods. Currently, there are two echocardiography machines available in the department of Cardiology.

 TMT-Treadmill exercise testing

    Stress testing- tread mill exercise electrocardiogram and Dobutamine stress echocardiography

Holter -24hour Holter monitoring

CCU-Cardiology CCU With 14 beds

ICU- Cath ICU with 14 beds