Academic Programs

Academic Programs

      The department of Cardiology offers the following programs where in the candidates are given exposure to various aspects of practice of adult cardiology.

DM Cardiology -6 seats /year

      DM cardiology trainees are trained on the various aspects of cardiac care including clinical cardiology, various non-invasive diagnostic methods, work up of patients for invasive procedures, interpretation and analysis of various hemodynamic data, performance of invasive cardiac procedures including hands-on training where ever applicable. Where in seminars and journal articles are presented and practical issues in management are discussed.

PhD Program

      The department of Cardiology is a recognized research centre of the University of Calicut for PhD in the Faculty of Medicine as per order No. Pld. G2/7040/Cardiology/89 dt.01.03.1995

BCVT- 4 seats/year

      Cath Lab Technicians program : The students enrolling for the technician courses in Cardiology are imparted training on the performance and maintenance of various treatment.